Soupbone Collective

The Soupbone Garden

A digital garden is a space of care to which you continually return. This is our garden for the humanities. Currently, it contains several plots: a public commonplace book, a collection of learning resources, a podcast, and a residency archive. This garden is a living space; we’re planning to grow and plant more in the future.

We’re not the first to start a digital garden. Anne-Laure Le Cunff uses the phrase in the sense of a public workspace. Adjacent inspirations include Jenny Odell’s article on how to grow an idea, Tom Critchlow’s wikifolder, and the fine folks at A New Nothing.

If you are able, we’d love to hear from you & know if any of these resources have been useful or interesting. You can also help us tend this garden by signing the guest book. Thank you, always, for visiting.

📓 Public Commonplace Book

📚 Public Resources: Discussion Guides & Syllabi (2020-21)

🎙 Soupbone Podcast (2020)

📝 Soupbone Residency Program (2020-21)

🍓 Summer Jam workshops (2021)

📺 Wrong Biennale pavilion (2021-22)