Soupbone Collective


The best way to reach us is by email! We are also on Instagram and Twitter.

We are a leaderless collective and make decisions as a group. That said, we do have several organizational roles for the purpose of accountability:

Phoebe and Cindy serve as Groundskeepers: they tend to the collective and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Calla, Genevieve, and Yeeseon serve as Social Media Coordinators. While we had bi-monthly discussions during 2020 and 2021, Margaret and Shawn served as our Discussion Coordinators.

Melissa drew our member portraits, and Margaret made the homepage collage! This website is collaboratively built and maintained by Kevin, Damon, and Phoebe.


What is Soupbone?

Soupbone is a distributed humanities collective founded in 2019. We are a group of friends who get together once in a while and make things at the intersections of research and lived experience.

How can I get involved with Soupbone?

If you would like to become a member, you can email us with a letter of interest. We are looking especially for members with a committment to (or strong interest in) scholarship, creative methodologies, and thinking about the humanities in a collaborative and public context. If you’re interested in meeting the rest of the community, you can also join our Discord channel: just send us an email request!

Are you funded or supported by an institute or university?

Nope! We are currently an independent group of friends and peers, scattered across countries, functioning out of our own pockets and spare time.

Where did Soupbone come from?

An email newsletter, to start. Kindred sources of inspiration include: Prac Crit, Fermat’s Library, SFPC, Slow Factory, Queer.Archive.Work, Real Life Mag, Pirate Care, and Interlude Docs.